Clapton Festival – it was all about the cake

It’s all about the cake were out enjoying the slow beginnings of summer a couple of weeks ago at the Clapton Festival, a new festival in yes, you guessed it, Clapton. We were part of the Hackney Homemade market at St John’s Church in Hackney, where there was around 60 stalls of varying crafts and edible items.

Getting set up

A hard days baking the day before resulted in 12 cakes in a variety of flavours and all looking very lovely. There was a minor disaster when I ran out of sugar but this was quickly resolved by popping to the corner shop to buy some more.

Gazebo in tow, we were hoping that we would be using this to shade from the sunshine than protect from the rain, but with the forecast as ‘sunshine and showers’ it was hard to tell. A few drops of rain early on and before the gazebo was up prompted minor panic but thankfully it didn’t last for too long and all the cakes remained intact.

The cakes

And then the sun came out!

The morning got off to a slow start as people lumbered out of bed to have a look at what was on offer. But afternoon is really ‘cake time,’ so it was after lunch when the main cake action took place. It was the rhubarb and almond cake’s first outing with It’s All About the Cake, but it seemed to go down pretty well, as did the mocha cake, another newbie. The old favourite, baked cheesecake, got off to a slow start, but once the first slice had gone, the momentum picked up. The sun got to the rocky road cake a bit, but not enough to put anyone off giving it a try anyway!

So all in all, a successful day. And as Hackney Homemade has now made this Saturday market a regular weekly feature, you may well see us there again some time soon!

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One Response to Clapton Festival – it was all about the cake

  1. Thanks Holly, for helping to make Clapton Festival a great day. The Market was a triumph, and we’re hoping for a few more days in the sun… maybe even today…

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