About Us

It’s all about the cake don’t just make handmade cakes, we make homemade cakes. There’s absolutely no factory in sight. And we also try our best to make our cakes as good for you as we can.

We always use chocolate with at least 70% cocoa, because cocoa is actually pretty nice. And all those antioxidants and flavonoids in it can make you feel pretty good. A lot of eggs go into our cakes – always of the free range variety, as it’s important to have happy chickens helping you with your cake baking. Our lemons are organic and unwaxed, because when was the last time you thought ‘ooh, I’d like a bit of wax’? Exactly – so there’s no wax in our cakes. There are some nuts in our cakes, so sorry to those who can’t eat them. But if you can then you’ll hopefully know that these can be quite good for you too. The walnuts in our chocolate brownies and coffee cake are full of omega-3.

Holly in action!

Most of the cake baking is done by Holly in her lovely flat overlooking Victoria Park. We love cakes, we eat a lot of them. But we don’t get fat because we always balance them out with a bit of physical activity – but that’s another story!

We tend to spend most of our time at festivals in the summer, selling our cakes and generally having fun. Check out the Upcoming Events page for the latest dates. If you’re desperate for a cake now though, then we can also make bespoke cakes to order. Just e-mail us here and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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