Clapton Festival – it was all about the cake

It’s all about the cake were out enjoying the slow beginnings of summer a couple of weeks ago at the Clapton Festival, a new festival in yes, you guessed it, Clapton. We were part of the Hackney Homemade market at St John’s Church in Hackney, where there was around 60 stalls of varying crafts and edible items.

Getting set up

A hard days baking the day before resulted in 12 cakes in a variety of flavours and all looking very lovely. There was a minor disaster when I ran out of sugar but this was quickly resolved by popping to the corner shop to buy some more.

Gazebo in tow, we were hoping that we would be using this to shade from the sunshine than protect from the rain, but with the forecast as ‘sunshine and showers’ it was hard to tell. A few drops of rain early on and before the gazebo was up prompted minor panic but thankfully it didn’t last for too long and all the cakes remained intact.

The cakes

And then the sun came out!

The morning got off to a slow start as people lumbered out of bed to have a look at what was on offer. But afternoon is really ‘cake time,’ so it was after lunch when the main cake action took place. It was the rhubarb and almond cake’s first outing with It’s All About the Cake, but it seemed to go down pretty well, as did the mocha cake, another newbie. The old favourite, baked cheesecake, got off to a slow start, but once the first slice had gone, the momentum picked up. The sun got to the rocky road cake a bit, but not enough to put anyone off giving it a try anyway!

So all in all, a successful day. And as Hackney Homemade has now made this Saturday market a regular weekly feature, you may well see us there again some time soon!

It’s all about the cake at the Clapton Festival

Roll up, roll up, for cake at the Clapton Festival!

For those of you that have been wondering what has happened to It’s all about the cake, don’t worry we’re still here! And to prove it we shall be selling our lovely cakes at the Clapton Festival on Saturday 11th June. We’ll be in the market outside St John’s Church, near Mare Street, from around 12-4.

It’s the first time Clapton has had its own festival, so I thought that it deserved some lovely cakes to help it on its way. And so do you, in fact! So please pop along to get your cake fix and to sample all the other exciting things happening at the festival.

There’s more information about the festival here. And for more information on other markets like this one in Hackney, have a look at Hackney Homemade.

Paradise Gardens 2010 – cake cake cake!

Paradise Gardens festival in Victoria Park, London has been and gone for this year. It was It’s all about the cake’s premier appearance at the festival. And a cake success I think.

Me and my cakes

A pretty full on day of baking at home on the Friday meant that the rest of the weekend was largely spent sitting around eating and selling cake. Perfect! And oh, was there some good cake. Cheesecake (of course), hummingbird cake, brownies, rocky road, lemon, double chocolate, shortbread… mmmm…! I also decided to employ less haste and more patience on the Friday during my baking session, which meant that there weren’t even any baking disasters to report. Therefore, no cake wastage whatsover.

After a short stroll over to the park on the Saturday morning, cakes in tow, shoulders aching, the festival got off to a bit of a slow start. It was looking a bit overcast. It was super windy. Let’s be honest, sitting behind the cake stall it felt like winter, not June. A quick trip back to the flat by Ian for an extra jumper and some more socks, meant that I didn’t get too chilled anyway.

And thankfully, the cold didn’t put people off the cakes, which seemed to go down a treat. Many were shocked at the size of the slices, purchasing a cautious one piece between two, but quickly coming back for more. Both the brownies and the cheesecake were described as ‘the best I’ve ever tasted.’ And I believe it was the rocky road bars that made a child cry (because they wanted more). A successful day anyway, which meant that Saturday evening was spent doing a bit of panic baking – the cheesecake and rocky road bars were just too popular.

Sunday, as I remember from the days when I wasn’t baking cake or running, is for lie ins, so another slowish start. But on Sunday afternoon, the sun finally came out. I was able to take my second pair of socks off. Ian headed out into the great unknown of the festival to lure people to the stall and away from the ice cream with samples of lemon cake. And I, single-socked, just, well, stood behind the stall eating cake (not really, no – not me). The final count at the end of the day meant that there were was just enough cake left for me and Ian to tuck into, but not enough to make us stupidly fat. So all in all, a success!

The Stall

Given its success and the said loveliness of the cakes, it’s likely that It’s all about the cake will be looking for other festivals to premier at this year. So keep an eye out for any more news. Likely to be east London, or thereabouts.

The Cake Line-Up

Chocolate Brownies

Rocky Road Bars

Vanilla Cupcakes

Double Chocolate Flake Cake

Hummingbird Cake

Super Lemony Lemon Cake


Paradise Gardens Festival, Victoria Park

We can now officially announce that It’s all about the cake will be attending the lovely Paradise Gardens Festival in Victoria Park, London on the weekend of the 19th and 20th June.

The festival is FREE to get in and will transform the park in east London into a 21st century pleasure garden. It features a circus, live music, DJs, theatre dance and much more. It’s a family-friendly event with activities for all ages. Plus there will of course be lots of food and drink on offer including some of my cakes.

So if you’re in the area then please pop in and give the cakes a try and enjoy a cheap and chilled out festival weekend. Fingers crossed the sun keeps shining!

There’s lots more info on the festival here.