London Design Museum Birthday Bake-Off

Let’s be honest – I’m better at the ‘rustic’ style cakes than the perfectly iced, beautifully decorated types. So it was a challenge for me entering the London Design Museum’s Birthday Bake-Off, with the brief of making a cake that reflects a design classic and I guess, therefore, is well designed.

A GPO 746 phone

After much umming and ahhhing I settled on ‘designing’ a GPO 746 80s style telephone. The decoration shouldn’t be too complex I thought, just a dial and a handset (…) and I could make it life size which would give it all the more impact.

The failed pink cake

So I set to work on my design. Getting the shape of the bulk of the phone proved the easy part. The handset and icing proved to be slightly more difficult. One pink phone later, I had decided that a red phone was a bad idea and settled for a creating a cream one instead.

The challenge of the handset was not quite so easy to overcome. Cake isn’t really strong enough to be a phone handset. I attempted to use marzipan instead. It was a bit heavy, but did the job in the end. Although I think some people might have had a bit of a shock when they bit into this part of the ‘cake’ to find that it was, in fact, just a giant piece of marzipan!

Battling with 'floppy' handset

The cake was hand-delivered by me to the Design Museum on the day. I’m happy to say they were impressed with my efforts. It seemed that many others had given it a go and failed at the last (or possibly even first) hurdle, perhaps on ideas for the design, or the icing, perhaps on the cake, perhaps on the weightiness of the marzipan.

And so, it came to the evening when the viewing and judging took place. The cakes were lined up on display in the museum for all to admire. And admire them we did. Then finally, at 9pm, the moment we’d all been waiting for.

Time to eat the cakes! Plus the announcement that I had won, thus allowing me to eat even more cake to celebrate my win! Mmmm!

My cake on display in the museum

Sizing up the competition

Cutting into the winning cakes

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