The Story of Cake

It’s all about the cake derived from humble beginnings. A genuine love for cakes has meant that cake baking has always been an integral part of my spare time activities. An additional interest in graphic designn and a specific love of cheesecakes fuelled me to design a recipe book titled ‘It’s all about the cheesecake.’ Subsequently, ‘It’s all about the cheesecake’ has turn into It’s all about the cake, because, as much as I like cheesecake, there are other cakes too.

Mmmmm... cheesecake!

The designing of the book seemed to fuel a growing amount of cake baking in my kitchen.  As the number of cakes being baked has grown, the number of cakes I am able to eat has not managed to keep up. I therefore decided that I would share these lovely cakes I’ve been baking with others, at festivals around the country and bespoke made to order if you want too. This would give you a little bit of the cake pleasure, and also stop me from getting stupidly fat!

And hence we have It’s all about the cake!

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